Problem 20E

The table shows the number of people per day who died from SARS in Singapore at two-week intervals beginning on March 1, 2003. Date Deaths per day March 1 0.0079 March 15 0.0638 March 29 0.1944 April 12 0.4435 April 26 0.5620 May 10 0.4630 May 24 0.2897 a By using an argument similar to that in Example 4, estimate the number of people who died of SARS in Singapore between March 1 and May 24, 2003, using both left endpoints and right endpoints. b How would you interpret the number of SARS deaths as an area under a curve? Source: A. Gumel et al., Modelling Strategies for Controlling SARS Outbreaks, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Series B 271 2004: 2223-32.

Step-by-Step Solution